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Digital Marketing for Tamworth

Tired of feeling like your business is invisible online? We are here to help. Our digital marketing services in Tamworth help your business stand out from the competition and achieve your goals, whatever they may be!

Through the power of Tamworth website design and search services, our team of marketing geeks and gurus can turn your company into a thriving brand. Our digital marketing agency have plenty of experience, the latest industry tools, and a whole lot of passion, so you’ll be leaving your company in good hands when you pass the online marketing baton over to us.

SEO Tamworth

We have a complete service that we bring to the table, including Tamworth search engine optimization (SEO) and Tamworth niche edit link outreach. Both of these internet marketing methods are organic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to get you noticed by search engines, pushing you to the top of the organic results pages where the customers who need you are waiting.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in its most simple form is the process of optimising websites to perform better in search engines such as Google and Bing. We do this using a large range of techniques from optimising your website to load faster, ensuring keywords and phrases are in your pages content and coding for titles, images alternatives, increasing your domain authority (DA) and many more.

Increasing your DA this is where our link outreach services come in, for us to increase your domain authority we need to get other websites linking to yours and we do this by contacting relevant websites and negotiating the ability to get a link to your website on their site.

SEO is a slow process and can take 6-12 months to get results in most cases depending on how competitive the search terms are that you want to target and any previous SEO work done on the website if any at all. There will be some easy quicker wins in most cases but these are generally going to be limited in volumes.

PPC Tamworth

For quick results, our Tamworth Pay Per Click (PPC) team can create targeted ads for Google and Bing that’ll throw your brand into the spotlight. These campaigns are great in terms of once we have setup the campaign on Google Ads you will start receiving traffic to your site instantly. They can take a while to get optimised to get your best ROI from your PPC budget and long term are a very costly way of generating website traffic compared to SEO.

Web Design and Development

We also have a whole group of guys and girls dedicated to Tamworth website development - because what’s the use in all that new traffic if you’re not going to convert them into leads and sales? They’ll design you a website that is: responsive mobile friendly, user-focused and sells your brand to your target market. Once we’ve set everything up, your business will definitely see the benefits!

If you’re ready to give the go-ahead, or just have some questions you want to ask us, start chatting with our digital agency today.

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