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Digital Marketing Wrexham

Do you have a company in Wrexham and want to up your internet presence? Then Ram Digital can meet all your needs. We can offer website design and development along with the ability to increasing your traffic to that website using SEO or PPC. We can even optimise your website to increase conversion rate of the existing traffic to increase your leads and online sales.

Website Design and Development Wrexham

Need a new website? Need a redesign for a tired old and outdated website? Well we can help you in both cases. At Ram Digital we will design you a new responsive website which works well on both mobile and desktop. A design which will really help you stand out from your competition and show case your company.

SEO Wrexham

Are you wondering what SEO is? Well to keep it simple Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) uses a huge range of methods with the end goal of increasing traffic to your website. We research what search terms would be best to target to increase traffic to your website then go through and optimise the site to ensure that it can perform the best it can.

At Ram Digital we use both on-site and off-site methods to increase your rankings in Google for the search terms we want to target. For on-site we look at optimising page speed loading times, we look at content within the page we want to use to target each given search term for a couple of examples. For off-site we use manual outreach to gain relevant links to your website increasing your domain authority.

You can find more information about our methods in this article here - https://ram-digital.co.uk/blog/our-seo-process/

PPC Wrexham

Are you wondering what PPC is? Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of marketing where you pay Google or Microsoft directly for ranking in their search engine and you literally pay per click. This is great for getting quick results as once the campaign is setup it will deliver traffic to your website instantly.

Our job as a PPC agency is to setup and optimise the campaign to ensure that you are getting the most traffic for your budget and ensure the traffic is relevant to your company. We setup tracking for calls, website contact forms and even sales if you have an ecommerce website. With the data this provides we can ensure that you get the most from your PPC budget.

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