Our SEO Process and What You Can Expect

Our SEO process changes often due to changes in the industry and also every company/website requires a different approach. But here is a basic outline of our process.

Free Website Audit

We start off with the same process for all our potential new SEO clients and this begins by doing a comprehensive site audit for free. Using industry leading tools we will check hundreds of technical possible issues. This will give us a big list of opportunities to improve on the technical side of your website.

We will also do a speed test using Google Page Speed Insights tool and Pingdom website speed test. This again gives us a list of opportunity for improvement regards site speed, which is now an important factor of ranking websites.

A manual site review. Here we will go through the site looking for any visual issues, layout issues, opportunities for expanding on services and the content explaining those services/products.

Meeting or Conference Call

Now we have all the data we require about your website. We would arrange to have a face to face meeting or at least a conference call to better discuss our findings with you. So we can agree a strategy going forward with your website.

Setup Stage of Our SEO Process

In the setup stage we will need to get access to your website in order to make any changes. We would require FTP access as a minimum, may also require backend logins if it’s a WordPress or e-commerce website.

We would also require access to your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business and Bing Webmaster tools. If these are already in place, if not we would get this setup. Goal tracking, so we can see what traffic converts into orders, contact forms filled out etc would also be implemented.

At this stage we would also get an XML sitemap and robots.txt file setup and submitted to Google and Bing.

Keyword Research

Once we have access to your current data from Google Analytic and Google Search Console. We would do some keyword research to find your most successful keywords currently. We would also try to find some keywords/search phases not currently being targetted which could provide some relevant extra traffic opportunities.

The Optimization Stage

Here is where the real work starts and what’s actually done here will be different for every website depending on the outcome of the audit stage of our SEO process.

Making sure your website is mobile optimized is vital in the age of mobile first, both for search engine optimization and conversion optimization.

If your website has metadata issues such as titles and descriptions that are too long or too short we adjust these. Your website may have header structure issues in which case we will fix that. Maybe your site has still not switched to HTTPS which is now important.

We also would go through ensuring your targetted keywords are being used in the right places for maximum impact. It’s often the case that although the keywords are in the page they may not be in the header tags or metadata.

We may have found that your websites biggest issues revolve around site speed. In this case we would concentrate on those issues first by using many methods such as file compression, minimizing files, using next gen image file types. The list goes on.

Site Audit Again and Report

After we have made optimization changes we then re audit the site and report the progress made on any technical issues your site may have.

Building Your Link Profile

In most cases we would recommend you also use our link outreach service to start building your link profile. This basically means we will get more website to link to your website to increase the authority of your website.

Depending on the condition of the website at the audit stage we may suggest this stage starts right away, or we may suggest it waits till the first set of site optimization work has been done.

Content Growth

As part of our SEO process unless you have something in place already. We would suggest that we grow your reach by growing your content. Sometimes there is room to grow within the services and products pages of your site. Sometimes it’s via blog posting if you have information you could share related to your industry.

Our SEO Process Cycle

At this point we simply cycle through these processes over and over. Targeting the areas which can provide the biggest return, in terms of generating the most relevant traffic to your website.

Published by John

I have been working in the digital marketing industry since 2006 in that time have made many websites, optimized many sites for better search engine results. I have created and managed AdWords accounts of in excess of a million pounds a year.