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These Niche Edits are naturally weaved into existing content on aged relevant pages or posts by the webmasters and have seen our clients obtain amazing results with regards to their rankings, even in extremely competitive markets such as Insurance, Finance, and Health. Ram Outreach has been most effective when used in collaboration with Ram SEO, but can also be used to encourage rankings being achieved by any other external or in-house SEO team.

Individual Link Costs


A-Grade Link

£65 Per Link
Root Domains: 500+
Minimum DA: 40

B-Grade Link

£55 Per Link
Root Domains: 250-500
Minimum DA: 30

C-Grade Link

£42.50 Per Link
Root Domains: 100-250
Minimum DA: 20

D-Grade Link

£30 Per Link
Root Domains: 20-100
Minimum DA: 10

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Link Packages

8 Links

£265 INC £60 OFF
1 x A-Grade
1 x B-Grade
2 x C-Grade
4 x D-Grade

15 Links

£540 INC £130 OFF
2 x A-Grade
4 x B-Grade
4 x C-Grade
5 x D-Grade

22 Links

£800 INC £190 OFF
3 x A-Grade
6 x B-Grade
6 x C-Grade
7 x D-Grade

30 Links

£1075 INC £252.50 OFF
4 x A-Grade
7 x B-Grade
9 x C-Grade
10 x D-Grade

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All prices subject to VAT
*Please note, any Gambling or adult placements will incur a 30% increase on all costings!

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Niche Edits Explained…

We all know that links are important and that they have been labelled as the most important aspect of Google’s algorithm for the past 20-years running! We’ve developed a solution which allows clients of all sizes to gain access to some of the most powerful editorial links possible.

Niche Edits are completely different to Guest Post as they are links secured on old content! Rather than writing a new post, we request a webmaster contextually weaves your anchor text into an already existing page or post.

From a performance point of view, because the content is aged over numerous months/years, we found that Google’s algorithm tends to give greater strength to the outbound link. With regards to client’s safety, should a manual reviewer ever come across the links there is no way Google could ever label these as paid links because they are sitting on old content that has existed for years.

Our #1 priority is keeping our clients safe while delivering mind-blowing results. To date none of our clients have received any penalties nor dropped on major algorithmic updates like Penguin, which is something we’re very proud of. Everything we do is aimed at making us as white-hat as we can possibly be!


No. This is something that is not within your control and Google appreciate this. If a competitor wanted to affect your ranking in a negative way and they new linking to your site would do such a thing, they would be doing it all day every day!

We can but they do come at a higher premium! Fortunately we have developed a number connections that allows us to accommodate these requests, but we do keep these totally separate so there is no overlap with other niches we provide for.

Yes. With guest posts you write (or have written) fresh content to be placed on a URL of your choosing. Niche Edits are blended into existing content making them more natural looking, thus making them safer and as we have found more powerful.

Unfortunately not, but if you think about it you don’t actually need to. The very fact that the link will be placed by the webmaster him/her self into existing content, makes everything seem natural and genuine… as though they had linked to you under their own steam. Also, as the outreach itself takes up so much time, there is no way we could add to this by going backwards and forwards requesting individual approvals.

Your guess is as good as ours… Googles algorithms are as much a mystery to us as they are to you, but what we do know is that they seem to give more sway to aged content which has become authoritative itself.

This is basically down to the webmaster who owns and controls the site, so we cannot say they will remain indefinitely. What we do promise though is that if any links drop off within 3 months, we will provide a free replacement.

They are, and they aren’t. According to Google if you purchase or build your own links you’re going against their guidelines, but our links are done in such a way that they always look genuine. Our method see’s real site owners and webmasters add the links into existing content themselves, and this is precisely what Google ARE happy with.

The delivery time for niche edit link orders are 21 days maximum.

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