What is CTR and Why is it Important?

CTR is an acronym for Click Through Rate and a very important metric for both SEO and PPC campaigns. Let us help you improve yours.

It is basically the amount of clicks your ad received, divided by impressions of your ad (number of times it was shown), displayed as a percentage.

So why is CTR so important?

Main reason is making the best use of your current ranking within the search engines.

It’s all well and good getting on the first page for a search term but if your CTR is low then you are not getting as many visitors as you could be for that given position.

Another reason being your click through rate is used by the search engines in their algorithms to work out their SERP’s. So the websites with higher CTR will rank higher than websites with lower ones.

How can I improve my CTR?

This all comes down to making your titles and description more appealing to the users that your advert is displayed to.

A good way to improve click through rate is to have special offers displayed, if you have 30% off then put that in the title and/or description.

Have a price that would make your site stand out from the rest? Then show that in your title or description snippet.

You can use various methods to highlight certain words such as:

  • Using capital letters for certain parts
  • Using symbols
  • Make certain keywords standout with brackets

Make sure your ad meets the needs of the person who made the search which triggered your advert.

Take a look at this search for local gym

Which would you be more likely to click?

For me the ones that stand out are the first one as it states Kidsgrove which is local to me. Then the one that states £9.99 Per Month. Possibly the last of those results as it states no contract, but in the description also states 50+ FREE Fitness Classes.

All these were good examples of how to make the best use of Titles and Descriptions to increase your CTR.

If it is an AdWords campaign your trying to increase your click through rate, you have even more options.

Make full use of ad extensions:

  • Call Extensions
  • Sitelink ad extensions
  • Review extensions

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Published by John

I have been working in the digital marketing industry since 2006 in that time have made many websites, optimized many sites for better search engine results. I have created and managed AdWords accounts of in excess of a million pounds a year.